Notification of Pricing Adjustment

Mar. 16, 2021

Notification of Pricing Adjustment

Escalating raw material prices, coupled with significant shortages in stainless steel scrap, resulted in substantial rises in costs for the steelmakers. Consequently, mill selling values for orders placed mid-January were significantly higher than those secured in mid-December.

According to various trade associations, in the last five months, the price of stainless steel increased by 32%, aluminium by 26%.

In addition to the rapidly rising prices, buyers are faced with long delivery lead times, when compared with those just a few months ago.

The extended production times have created difficulties for stockholders attempting to replenish their inventories, from local suppliers. Furthermore, trade protection measures, coupled with a shortage of containers and extraordinarily high shipping prices, are restricting import opportunities from China.

Besides a very sharp rise of stainless steel and aluminium raw material prices there was a sharp increase in polycarbonate prices.

What’s worse, the exchange rate between USD & RMB is keeping falling from 2017 till now, plus the higher labor cost & freight have also imposed a lot of pressure on silicone manufacturers, which are so much more than our company could bear.

Our factory’s products are mostly made of stainless steel, aluminium and polycarbonate raw materials, that’s why we are so dependent on the price changes. We can’t always keep our products’ quotations unchanged and have to adjust them according to the change in raw material costs.

In order to survive and continue to provide customers with good quality products, our Board of Directors held meeting and decided that the price of all our products must rise accordingly right now !  

We recommend our clients to place an order as soon as possible since other factories and manufactures all over the world will only increase prices.  

Please hurry and send us your inquiries to our official email . We hope that we can make a good deal with you.

Thanks a lot for the business you cooperate with us and appreciate your kind understanding. 





Raw Material Prise is Keep Increasing



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