What is the Differences Between European Style & American Style GN Pan?

Nov. 20, 2020

What is the Differences Between European Style & American Style GN Pan?

GN pans manufactured in Xiangfaa factory meet international standards in all aspects. Not only do our Gastronorm containers come in standard sizes, but their design also comply with the standards that have long been accepted in the USA and Europe. Our GN containers are divided into European style GN containers and American style GN containers.

Most of our clients prefer European style gastronorm pans, but sometimes our clients purchase American style GN containers, which are very simple in design. For instance our last two orders from Iraq included American-style GN containers. The choice of the style is primarily influenced by the spread of American or European style GN pans in your country among the end consumers.

What is the difference between these two styles of GN pans?

On the side walls of the European style GN containers there are special stiffeners to avoid stucking, this kind of design is known as anti-jam design. These GN pans can be stacked together, which saves crucial storage space ;  the anti-jam stacking lug feature prevents pans from sticking together when stored. This allows you to optimize space and avoid wasting time trying to get pans unstuck.

The American style GN containers are simpler in design and have no stiffeners but they are easier to clean.

It is also worth noting that in our factory American and European style gastronorm containers are sold at the same price.

In addition, we delivered only European style gastronorm containers to the warehouse in Moscow. If you want to place an order or you just want to find out more about the features of our products, please send your request to our official mailbox.

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