Xiangfa New Automatic Packaging Line

Aug. 20, 2020

 Xiangfa New Automatic Packaging Line

We are proud to announce that in our factory a new automatic packaging line has been set up. This innovation won’t only impact us as a manufacturer but also will be beneficial to our customers as well. Bellow we are going to explain how:

1) Increasing efficiency

Packaging is one of the most time-consuming processes which requires a lot of labour force, this process is very complicated. But with the new automatic packaging line a well-thought work distribution as well as perfect arrangements in place  have been incorporated in the packaging processes of the gastronorm pans which has contributed to increasing production efficiency, better management and quality control. It means that the customers most likely wont have any complaints about the state of delivered GN pan or any other kitchen equipment items.

2) Economic impact

First and foremost, the automatic packaging line can bring such benefits as removing the labor force required to form the boxes that the gastronorm pans are placed and shipped in.

Also the automatic packaging line can eliminate manual stacking which also saves a lot of time and expenses. As a result such line will largely reduce costs of production. And that is beneficial both for manufactures and customers.

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